Rovan is your productivity partner!

Solutions tailored to your environmental needs.

ROVAN is also the knowledge and experience of qualified, safety-conscious expert technicians. Every step is meticulously followed, from the handling of chemicals to hazardous materials. Our high-performance, state-of-the-art equipment gives us unrivalled versatility.


ROVAN = At the heart of environmental protection

ROVAN = Quality + Efficiency + Safety + Respect

Why use Rovan’s services?

  • Because we’re a company that, since 1980, has developed outstanding expertise and know-how in cleaning, in industrial, institutional, commercial, municipal and road settings.
  • A team that relies on its technicians’ training, information, awareness, knowledge, experience and competence, as well as on the performance and versatility of its equipment.
  • Exceptional service, quality guaranteed.
  • Certified in the ISO 9001 quality standard.

To find out more about our extensive expertise, contact us at 450-429-5755 or 1-855-429-5755 or